Montague Boston Ze


Award Winning Urban Mobility

A Montague Boston Ze folding bike with enhanced performance from a Zehus Bike + electric pedal assist system.

The Boston Ze is a superb class leading full size folding bike with the patented Montague CLIX system, as used by the US Marines.


The Zehus bike plus hub is a revolutionary electric motor pedal assist drive system for cycles.

The Boston Zehus bike plus hub is at the very forefront of technology offering the simplest cleanest design of pedal assist cycle systems. It is ideal for people on the move who want to feel as if every ride is with a tail wind.



Zehus fit everything inside the hub body, it has a powerful brushless electric motor that complies with the ped-elec standard so no need for tax, insurance or a licence. Inbuilt sensors sensors detect inclines and your pedal input. Smart technology lets you link to your mobile phone to change control settings. Weighing in at under 3kg gives it one of the highest energy/weight ratios on the market.

Bluetooth connectivity

The battery technology is of the highest order and quality giving 160WH capacity inside the hub. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone to your hub. You can select the power mode , manage trip data, and even lock the bike to prevent it being ridden. You can access online diagnostics, bike orientated navigation, mobility stats and other functions such as help to find a stolen bike.

Bike + helps you when you need it and then recharges the battery when your input can deliver extra energy it also has variable regenerative braking action for more energy recovery. Bike + seamlessly optimises your efficiency whilst riding, decreasing your effort by up to 40 %on an urban trip. Ridden in an efficient manner recharging is virtually eliminated.

The hub modular construction makes it fully serviceable and as there are no wires to tangle, snap or snag the bike is very easy to handle and store.


The Montague Boston Ze is a bike that does not suffer the usual flexability associated with the frame of folding bikes. The patented pivot and unbroken top tube impart a rigidity unparalleled in most folding designs. The full size wheels add to its speed, efficiency and ride quality.

Together the Zehus hub and the Boston combine to give an ultramodern, electric pedal assisted, full size and light weight folder with zero emission human synergy.